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Successful Solo is the website for you if you run a business on your own (solo) and want to improve sales and profits through training, coaching, learning and innovating, so you have a better life.

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  • Feeling  that 'there's more to life than this'

The Successful Solo Programme™ will recharge your business batteries

 A unique, proven programme, developed over 30 years drawing upon the best practices of truly successful entrepreneurs combined with breakthrough discoveries of the best strategic thinkers.

"We work with you to pinpoint the underlying cause for your business not giving you the results you want and then together we develop a course of action that will take you along the road to achieving fully your personal and business goals." Tony Harrison – Original Solo Business Mentor.

Albert Wright took over Tony’s business in 2006 with the same objective for his clients – providing sustainable personal and business growth.

To find out more about how you can have a more profitable, more secure business and work less time, give Albert Wright a call on 020 8343 8558 or send an email to

FAQ: Client interview with Albert Wright

1. How did you come to be helping solo professionals build more profitable businesses?

In 1990, after 20 years with Marks and Spencer plc, I left on an early retirement package.

I  drifted into Will Writing and when my franchisor went bust, into business planning, advice and counselling.

I had found my first, second career and I loved it, helping people start their businesses by assisting them with business planning and raising finance.

As some clients went on to develop successful businesses they began inviting me back to do more work and I gradually moved up the “food chain” to work increasingly with established businesses rather than start ups, micro business owners who wanted more of a coach and mentor than an adviser.

We All Need A Coach

To improve my coaching I went on courses with various organisations, subscribed to many newsletters, investigated a number of coaching franchise companies and in 2004 got a coach of my own, John Niland of Success121.

With his help I improved my own business and life and bought a license from John to become an accredited coach for the Outstanding Professional Programme, (TOP) which is what I deliver to my clients. It works.

Over the last 20 years I have learned several lessons of how not to run a small business from my own life and from my clients. One error is not to take independent business and personal advice when things get tough.

We become too emotionally involved with our business and then make the wrong decisions. Not having a friend, confidant or coach is not a good idea, so I set out to help people not make the mistakes I and others made but to focus on the positive, achieving a more successful business and personal life.

I enjoy being a coach more than I do a business adviser and consultant, although with many clients the roles overlap. My work also involves training and mentoring, asking clients the tough questions - challenging them to face reality when others might not.

I help solo professionals build a successful practice that reflects who they truly are.

2. What else qualifies you to help me build a successful practice?

Personal experience.

I have built successful internal businesses within larger organisations and grown my own business and those of clients during 20 years as an employee and 20 of self-employment. I have the track record of having done it a number of times under different circumstances with different people and I am doing it again now.

I have always sought out the best training for myself and that knowledge is incorporated into my work with clients.

3. How would you define success?

For me it's about quality of life; the freedom to do what I love with whom I choose, to take a holiday when I wish, to have the option of working no more than a 4 days a week, to be able to afford all I need, (which is not a lot) to have financial security and not to stress out over where business will come from.

I am moving to wanting what I've got rather than trying to get what I want

I haven’t achieved total success yet, but at least I know what I am aiming at.

4. You said that your experience working with small micro and start up business and on business growth programmes provides a sound framework to your work, what else do you draw on?

In addition to business perspective, I bring common sense, a listening ear, and a light touch, backed by an iron fist.

Many successful, solo professional businesses are those that reflect the personality of their founder, so part of our work is to ensure you do what you love. Business then ceases to be ‘work’ and becomes a way to help your clients to success. When clients are well served, prospective clients will ‘find you ’ and growing the business becomes easier.

I have attended coaching courses, read widely and studied deeply on the subject, as well as having had my own expert coaches.

I use NLP and CBT; I am a trained business counsellor who also trains other business counsellors.

5. Who are your clients?

Owners of professional service and other businesses. Generally, they are great at what they do, but many struggle to build a viable practice, one with a steady stream of clients paying a realistic fee. Quite a few are other coaches and business advisers.

Most of us set out to create a business where we have more freedom, more fun and make more money than when we worked for someone else. But the majority of business start-ups have folded by year 3. That’s a terrible waste of energy and hope.

I want to help you beat the odds.

Clients have included: Accountants, Architects, Inventors, Engineers, Bookkeepers, Consultants, Web Designers, IT Professionals, Photographers, Musicians, Sculptors and prospective undertakers.

6. Can I be sure I’ll recover the investment I make in this programme?

That depends on you. Think what one new client is worth to you. For many solo professionals one client will offset the investment in the programme. In addition what you learn will stay with you, but knowing what to do is not enough, you need to take action. What you’ll get as we work together, is a series of tools, ideas, techniques, “aha” moments when new ways of looking at things, new ways of doing things will fall into place.

You will also get a FREE COPY of my book, Business Wisdom, just by attending a meeting with me.

You’ll achieve things that working on your own would likely never have happened – I know I did. After three months, I will ask you if you think what you are paying is giving you a return on your investment, and if not we will either stop or come to a new arrangement.

I don’t want you to waste your money but you have to work at this - coaching involves action on your part, it's not osmosis by phone. I will tell you in no uncertain terms if I don't think things are working out.

7. I am not sure, how can I get a taste of how you work?

Every so often I run live workshops and telefora, where with a minimal investment you’ll gain a good sense of how we can work together. Subscribe to the newsletter for notices of upcoming workshops and gain a different perspective from reading my tips and commentary month by month.

When you are ready, ask for a free 30-minute taster session.

8. I have a few questions

Feel free to call me on 020 8343 8558. If I am not around, leave a message with your number and Mark or I will call you back or set up time to speak.

Ready to start?

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